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Colégio Valsassina

"We thank Tocá Rufar’s availabilty on facilitating a percussion workshop to Colégio Valsassina.

We invited Tocá Rufar to offer our collaborators – scholars, management team and administration – an unique experience before our Christmas dinner.

The activities started with an hour long workshop where team spirit, synchronicity and rhythm gave motive to new learnign opportunities.

We were 30 volunteers form different ages, proffessions, and personalitites. For the next 2 hours we played as a single orchestra.

We believe music is an excellent tool for non verbal communication, to which Tocá Rufar is one of the most distinguishing Portuguese representatives.

After the workshop, under Flávios Santos’ mastery we were able to perform and show our learnings to our more than 150 colleagues.

Throughout those 20 minutes we experienced fascinating moments of rhythmic harmony.

Among the audience the impression was unanimous: bravo! Within participants joy was unstopable. An experience difinately worth repeating!

We are ever so thankful for Flávio’s availability, willingness and professionalism. We are looking forward to sharing knowledge with Tocá Rufar in future opportunities.

On behalf of Colégio Vasassina, our most sincere gratitude."


Frederico Valsassina Amaral

Administration ● Colégio Valsassina


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