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“Tocá Rufar’s performance at the closing ceremony of our global human resources meeting was one of the best moments of the day. As a group of young musicians, they reveled coordination and professionalism adults don’t always do. Moreover, the drumming exercise they proposed us gathered 50 people who worked together and played coordinately and melodically. Congratulations to the maestro, for that was no easy task!

As a client, I find Tocá Rufar’s teambuilding a fantastic exercise to show that with good leadership, and by listening to one another, team work can be great.

As a participant, I loved the power of music and the opportunity to, in a short period, be able to play  such a powerful instrument.

Well done!"

Maria Margarida Azevedo 
EDP - Energias de Portugal, S.A. 
DRH – Head of Human Resources – Corporate Centre



"In the last years, Tocá Rufar has been one of ATEC’s preferred partners for events and teambuildings., providing impactful and memorable moments to all participants.

If I had to resume Tocá Rufar’s service into three words, I’d say proffessional, flexible and memorable.

Professional in their approach, provision and relationship – from the maestro to the orchestra!

Flexible on the design and delivery of the programme, always attentive to customer’s needs and ready to come up with solutions.

Memorable, because drums are an impactful organisational metaphor, involving participants from begining to end and allowing, through experience, the creation of organic and deep learning.

A big drum roll to Tocá Rufar! Let the drums never be shut."

Elisabete Silvestre – Personal and Organisational Development Coordinator.



"I really enjoyed Tocá Rufar’s teambuilding and I think that it filled its purpose completely. I believe that is was one of the most interesting acitivities I ever tried on a teambuilding.

I would like to thank you for letting us participate in such an exciting activity. From my point of view, the instructors involved in the project did a flawless job: they were patient, attentive and professional. Furthermore, the activity itself gave me the opportunity of connecting with other colleagues as a whole team. For this reason, I was delighted to take part in this activity.

 As regards to the feedback about the teambuilding activity through drumming, I will say it is highly positive. It was really fun, collaborative and instructive. I enjoyed a lot! Loved it”

Marilita Pacheco | Managing Director
Euroscript Portugal, Lda.



"On behalf of Escola Dr. José Afonso, of the Project team and of the attending partners – studants and scholars – we thank all the availability, dedication and enthusiasm Tocá Rufar’s team showed in the teambuilding session they hosted us on January the 29th.

'Polish emotions' were only positive:
'Joy - to play the drums, Fun - to be in such a big group of drummers, inspiration - to try how the drum will work, amusement - to feel like a kid, pride and satisfaction - we could play drums, Euphoria - to feel the tones, the rhythm, to be united with other drummers'.     

Also our Irish partners were very excited about it:

'We really enjoyed the workshop with the drums. It was one of the highlights of the trip for us. Really fun and interactive'.

Our Portuguese partners:

'We have really enjoyed the drumming workshop. It was for us, one of the greatest moments of the trip. Very fun and interactive.'


'A fantastic miracle of coordination and rhythym!'"

Escola Dr. José Afonso, Project team and Attending Partners.



"The teambuilding session went really well!

The feedback we got from participants was an unanimous A+ to Tocá Rufar’s team, and to their masetro’s leadership and carisma.

Thank you so much for the collaboration, we’ll certainly contact you again.

Best wishes!"

Sandra Carvalho - Consultant



"I would like to give you a feedback of the event, it was a hit! Feedback from all our collaborators who participated in the event was excellent, they were all really excited about the activity.

It all went through very well at every level, from the timings that made this teambuilding session very fluid, monitor’s excellent interaction with the  attendees, their flexibility in adapting to our needs (room to unload/load instruments, choice of venue for the action itself, everything). We all agreed on that, and we still speak about it at office J!

A very special thank you to the monitors who were with us, they were exceptional!"

BMW Group
Financial Services
Alexandra Afonso


Colégio Valsassina

"We thank Tocá Rufar’s availabilty on facilitating a percussion workshop to Colégio Valsassina.

We invited Tocá Rufar to offer our collaborators – scholars, management team and administration – an unique experience before our Christmas dinner.

The activities started with an hour long workshop where team spirit, synchronicity and rhythm gave motive to new learnign opportunities.

We were 30 volunteers form different ages, proffessions, and personalitites. For the next 2 hours we played as a single orchestra.

We believe music is an excellent tool for non verbal communication, to which Tocá Rufar is one of the most distinguishing Portuguese representatives.

After the workshop, under Flávios Santos’ mastery we were able to perform and show our learnings to our more than 150 colleagues.

Throughout those 20 minutes we experienced fascinating moments of rhythmic harmony.

Among the audience the impression was unanimous: bravo! Within participants joy was unstopable. An experience difinately worth repeating!

We are ever so thankful for Flávio’s availability, willingness and professionalism. We are looking forward to sharing knowledge with Tocá Rufar in future opportunities.

On behalf of Colégio Vasassina, our most sincere gratitude."


Frederico Valsassina Amaral

Administration ● Colégio Valsassina

A ADAT - Associação dos Amigos do Tocá Rufar is a non-profict association

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