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The Orchestra represents Tocá Rufar’s most emblematic show, ensuing a investment since 1996 on the free musical instruction of children, teenagers and adults.

Tocá Rufar Orchestra is, today, an ambassador of a modern, agile, dynamic, creative and innovative project with a solid cultural identity.


Tocá Rufar Orchestra is an orchestra of traditional Portuguese percussion with thee diferente instruments : bass drums , snare drums and ‘timbalão’ . Tocá Rufar Orchestra interprets a repertoire of original themes and rhythms either in parade format (lasting up to 120 minutes ) and in stage format (lasting up to 30 minutes) . The repertoire , the format , the number of players and the length of the presentations of Tocá Rufar Orchestra vary from event to event depending on the scope and objectives .

Tocá Rufar Orchestra makes occasional participation in performances of other artists . It has performed with Amor Electro , Buraka Som Sistema , Fafa de Belem , Fausto , Jorge Palma , José Mário Branco , Mickael Carreira, Paulo de Carvalho , Rui Junior, Tony Carreira, Trovante , Xutos & Pontapés , among many others .

As well as having a direct effect upon its students, the project also influences those that engage with the group. Tocá Rufar’s shows and the manner in which its members behave and present themselves publicly inspires thousands of spectators, not just because of the high standard of music but also due to the integrity, education, generosity and kindness that they exude. Tocá Rufar members set an example, they challenge and nourish the spirit and are an important stimulus for community solidarity and service.


Tocá Rufar Orchestra – HOW TO BOOK

If you want to book the Tocá Rufar Orchestra please send us an email with as much information available about the event for which you want our services or contact us by telephone 351-917 575 664 or by email ( Rui Junior - General Director)

A ADAT - Associação dos Amigos do Tocá Rufar is a non-profict association

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