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All classe are free admitance

Training at the Tocá Rufar Orchestra

The Tocá Rufar Orchestra is the home of traditional Portuguese percussion and the best school for traditional percussionists that also want to be excellent human beings. At Tocá Rufar training is free to those that know how to honor the motto, “Lend Yourself! Express Yourself! Exceed Yourself!” with tenacity, study, enthusiasm, perseverance and discipline. This forms part of an all-round training program received at Tocá Rufar within the context of a traditional Portuguese percussion orchestra comprised exclusively of bass drums, snare drums and tom-toms. Members learn both a traditional and contemporary repertoire in a drumming language unique to Portugal.

At Tocá Rufar we believe that a high standard of schooling makes for a better future. Alongside A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 we teach “pum pum pum-pum-pum”, creating fantastic percussionists in the process!

Tocá Rufar is developing partnerships with local government and other institutions to provide free traditional Portuguese percussion workshops in schools. By organizing students into an organized orchestra they learn the basic techniques of the bass drum and the snare drum, as well as easy to follow traditional compositions.

A ADAT - Associação dos Amigos do Tocá Rufar is a non-profict association.

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